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How To Get The Most From Your Florist at Valentine’s Day

January 22, 2011

If you’ve ever given Valentine’s Day Flowers to your beloved, you know that showing up at your local florist on the 14th is not so wise.

Valentine’s Day is the single busiest day of the year for florists, and it is notorious in the industry for last-minute panic. Unlike Mother’s Day which can have florists running & making deliveries for a week, Valentine’s Day is thought of as “day of–do or die”.

Florists have a love/hate relationship with the holiday; sure, business is great, but oh boy do we work for it. Since your florist is in such high demand at this time of year, mishaps can happen, but if you are armed with the right information, your florist will make this Valentine’s Day one that will knock her socks off.

Here are our tips to getting the most from your florist for Valentine’s Day:

Order Early

This one should be pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many calls we receive to have flowers delivered at 3pm on the 14th of February (no joke). At that time many florists have already unplugged their phones so they can handle their walk-in clients. It should go without saying, but be smart and be courteous, place your orders for delivery and pick-up a week in advance.

Have Flowers Delivered Ahead of Time

Of course the most obvious day for Valentine’s Day delivery is Valentine’s Day itself, but if you consider sending your gift a day or 2 early you’ll see how much it just makes sense. What if a major snow storm hit in your area that made deliveries impossible? What if you’re not exactly sure where she’ll be but you know she’ll be home the day before? Or what if there were some amazing incentive from your florist to send your flowers early?

Be Patient

Since this holiday can have florists (literally) running, when our clients offer patience, we swoon. Temporary staff, long hours, over the top receiving/cleaning of flowers, winter roads and bursts of last-minute orders can leave us stretched pretty thin. Every year we remark at the irony that the one day we’re pushed the hardest, is the one day that most clients will judge our shop for the year. We know this is an important day for you, and we push ourselves above and beyond in the name of your love. A little patience will go a long way to ensuring you get only the very best service.

Be Original

It’s said that 99% of all roses produced in a year are sold on 1 day, this can have a big effect on not only the price of red roses at this time of year, but also the availability and quality. Instead of sending a dozen red roses, why not send a mixed bouquet that includes red roses instead? Even pink roses, a vase of all red mixed flowers, an exotic bouquet or red roses paired with another favourite are all great alternatives to the traditional. It will show that you thought things through, and didn’t just go for the obvious choice.

Follow The Instructions

Much of the beauty of giving flowers is that they last a lifetime in the memory of the person who received them, but to get the longest vase life, follow the care instructions included with your bouquet. If you’re bringing home a bouquet of wrapped flowers, cut the stems underwater and fill the vase (we mean fill) with fresh lukewarm water and the floral solution included by your florist. Every couple of days re-cut the stems and add fresh water (more here). Typically at this time of year, Roses will last 3-5 days and other flowers can stay beautiful for a week, two or even longer depending on their variety.

And Now You Know…

Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to have a Valentine’s Day you both won’t soon forget.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have any more pointers or resources? Be sure to comment and let us know!

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  1. January 24, 2011 4:13 pm

    What a wonderful job you did on this blog. Thanks so much for posting!!

  2. January 25, 2011 5:12 pm

    Those are excellent tips! I’m always satisfied with your flower arrangements whenever I visit – luckily I live right around the corner!

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