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Great Housewarming Gifts for Good Energy

May 19, 2010

Know Someone Moving this Summer?

Moving season is upon us and as with every Summer it’s hard not to know someone moving! Whether it’s to a first apartment, buying a first home or downsizing to smaller digs, help your movers & shakers feel comfortable in their new space by adding a natural touch.

Interior plants have long been known to improve air quality, help us feel good, provide a sense of warmth and enhance the decor of a home.

Fresh cut flowers are also hugely popular to give as a housewarming gift since they are known to instantly enhance our moods, ingeniously brighten a room and calm us in stressful situations (check out the video below on the Energy of Flowers).

Petite European Garden

Space Conscious Apartment Renters

Renters are always looking for cool ways to liven up what may be a small space. Gardens will work perfectly since an assortment of small tropical (green) and blooming plants can stay together in the container or basket or separated to line a window or decorate a table. First apartment? Consider sending a gift basket of goodies or a bloomer like the wildly popular and fun Gerbera plant.

Peace Lily Plant

Growing First Home Owners

No home is complete without green plants. Decorating a home can be a daunting task, plants will always be a welcomed gift to overwhelmed movers. During the first few weeks of awkward unpacking plants can make their space feel more like a home. Send a gorgeous Peace Lily which is known for it’s positive Feng Shui and air cleansing abilities.

Flowers are also a great idea. Compliment the decorators by having a floral designer make a custom arrangement made to match their new abode. Whether for their entrance, coffee table or dining room, flowers are the perfect way to make a room inviting.

Cut FlowersDownsizing Empty Nesters

People who are downsizing and de-cluttering will welcome gifts such as fresh flowers since they aren’t one more thing for them to hold on to or maintain. Consider sending a bouquet of wrapped flowers if you know they have tons of vases. Popular add-on gifts for this group are candles or wine accessories that can be appreciated during an evening at home or entertaining guests. Since travel might also be on the agenda, a nice alternative to tropical plants are blooming plants like Chrysanthemums or Begonias. They will last longer than cut flowers but won’t need the long-term maintenance of tropical plants.

The Energy of Flowers

Watch this video for more information about the Energy of Flowers:

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  1. June 28, 2010 4:35 pm

    These flowers are gorgeous. I love the idea of live plants as housewarming gifts because the new home owners can plant them and enjoy them for years to come.

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