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Montreal Culture by Montreal Florists

September 14, 2009

Being a Montreal Florist since 1976 and lovers of this fair city of ours, last month we set out to showcase Montreal culture the best way Florists can; designing Montreal Culture themed flower bouquets. Though we had tons of fun coming up with concepts involving bagels, smoked meat and poutine, we eventually narrowed it down to a mere 10 pieces of Montreal culture which we thought could be represented florally.

Over a week or so I worked on finding the perfect inspiration photo’s for our chosen floral designer Louise, set out approximate pricing for each arrangement, made a list, checked it twice and then handed it off to Lou to ponder. Full of confidence and creativity, she came to me within a few days with big eyes “I’m ready!” …and off she went to work, designing the 10 arrangements.

Though we’ve been creating unique one-of-a-kind flower arrangements every single day for over 30 yrs, what likely bears mentioning here and what you might not know is, 99% of all florists don’t shoot their own product shots. We belong to networks such as Teleflora, FTD and The Flower Shop Network who provide us with all those lovely pictures that you see in our catalogues and on our websites. So needless to say, being Florists and not photographers, this little project of mine… yeah, uncharted territory!

This project, not only fun from a design standpoint, also proved to be a new challenge photographically for me, for this we called on the newest member of the Terrafolia team, Melisa. Thankfully, Mel knows a thing or two about studio photography, and after a little research at we knew we could pull this off.

Montreal Flowers Photo StudioAfter purchasing a DSLR camera and with rented equipment from Photo Service in Old Montreal, we cleared an area in the back of the store and set up our very own studio.

Shooting would take about 5 hours, and I was giddy the entire time… Mel set up shots and metered the lighting while I would grab Lou’s creations for their capture. It’s amazing how different the arrangements looked through the eye of the camera, so Louise was called in for “make-up” from time to time. We had to adjust lighting, angles, the height of the tripod and framing for each piece, Mel didn’t stop shooting until she was absolutely certain everything was optimal.

Overall, they photographed surprisingly well, considering we’d never done anything like this before, we were all quite pleased with ourselves… and proceeded to pat each others backs.

Montreal Flowers on WebsitePost-production proved to be just as much work as the shooting itself. Cleaning up and resizing the photos, protecting them with a watermark for copyright, final pricing, writing out the recipes and descriptions, translating, uploading to our website, and then finally, letting everyone know they were available! It was probably another three weeks after the shoot before everything was said and done. And I’m still hoping to get a slide show on YouTube!

So, without further ado, la pièce de résistance, we are pleased to present you with Terrafolia’s very own Montreal Flowers! They are all set and ready for ordering and delivery!

Ooh and just for laughs I created a Google Map for them as well, so check out our Montreal Flowers Map too!
Montreal Flowers Map

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  1. October 28, 2010 1:39 pm

    i think most flower shops these days use plant food to extend the life of cut flowers.*’


  1. [video] Montreal in Flowers – Fleurs de Montréal « Terrafolia Flowers Montreal Blog

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